Monday, May 23, 2011


I've been MLIA for a long time. It's your fault IB, not me. Anyways, here is a nice little sneakity-sneaky trick for some IB diploma students who might not be aware of its existence:

/zomg/ lolwut/ Hurr, wossat?/ Oh that old thang?/

As far as I'm aware, there are QBs available for Maths and group four sciences. Only a few are available for the humanities and group two languages. They're extremely useful as you can select questions by paper (eg. 1, 2 or 3), topic and level (SL or HL). Marking schemes (answers!) are included and some times an examiner's report (not useful, but interesting). Only downside is that the one's I've come across are for the old syllabus. But they're still pretty awesome.

You can get your candidate-y hands on these through your teachers (which is unlikely since many use them to compile tests) or download them as torrents.

If anyone actually has the latest questionbanks or knows where they are (hi there fellow IB candidate), me want, please&thankyou. We all want, please&thankyou :)

(leave the torrent link in a comment so that others can also download)

ALSO... For help in internal assessments, it's a good idea to search for teacher IB *insert subject*teacher support material. A result isn't always guaranteed but I know a chemistry, biology and physics one is available. You can view moderator assessed IAs with comments, which can help give a sense of what you're required to do if you're still unsure.

beeteedoubleyou (btw. ha!) for those who can't find a certain paper or marking scheme, search it as a torrent if you already haven't. Or leave a comment with your email. I can't promise to answer ASAP or have the paper you're looking for (especially anything May 2010 onwards) but something's better than nothing, riiiiiight?

Now let's continue to procrastinate. Woo!


A said...

no link in this post:( but thaks for the info:) i will search it

ibstudent said...

I haven't put up any links (to torrents) because I don't want to be responsible for endorsing the downloading of a product which can be bought (which is why I've striked the last sentence in the 3rd paragraph).

As for the subject guides, if there's a link and everyone who visit this post click the given link, IB might disable the teacher support material's link, as that's been done for a few subjects.

Anonymous said...

i am doing A levels and got A in statistics just by studying through this blog. I want everyone to benefit from this blog.