Monday, October 25, 2010


Ally is an IB student from the other side of the world (me:Australia/Ally:U.S). She will be a contributing blogger on this blog. Ally will cherish upon us her version of the delights of IB and impart some of her wisdom.

You can view her CAS blog here.

From Ally:

Hi there!

My name's Ally and I'm a junior at an IB school in the U.S.!
I'll be posting helpful/random things now and then...

My subjects:
Visual Arts HL
Math Studies SL
English A1 HL
Physics 1
Spanish B SL
History HL

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Maths SL

Many of the link I've provided also have Maths studies and HL notes available. I'm only providing the links of the subjects which I've undertaken (in this case Maths SL).

Mathimatikos revision/reference notes for SL(?) topics in pdf format
IB Maths powerpoints for SL topics
IB Maths worksheets, notes and practice papers (GDC/GDC free)
MM II (IB Calculus) Mrs. Shim's IB Calculus notes and worksheets
IB Maths SL Wikibook notes and formulae for SL topics
Haese and Harris IB SL textbook pdf document, useful for extra practice questions
Maths SL syllabus excellent to use as a guide of learnt concepts and for exam/test preparation
IB Maths IA guide hints, tips and general information for writing Maths IA