Friday, September 24, 2010

Lingo yo!

So, I figured since I'm doing IB, therefore using IB terms, and some people might not know what IB is, I've compiled a list of words which you might see on this blog.
In no alphabetical order.

HL: higher level
Three out of the total six subjects undertaken by an IB student must be HL. Higher Level subjects included more content and depth than a Standard Level subject, and also involve more hours, assessments and and extra exam paper. They also have more credit (eg: if a student takes Maths HL, a 4 or 5 is equal to a Maths SL 6 or 7). Mark boundaries are also lower.

SL: standard level
Out of six subjects, three must be SL. SL subjects require less hours and assessments than HL subjects. The course doesn't have as much depth as a HL subject and there are two exam papers to be done. Mark boundaries are higher than its HL counterpart.

EE: extended essay
Generally a 3500-4000 word essay (for science subject this varies) on a very specific topic of the student's choice. The student completes this essay over the time period of their diploma.
Successful completion of the EE component adds one point to the maximum of 45 points. Failure to do so results in failing to receive the full IB diploma.

TOK: theory of knowledge
A philosophical class, similar to epistemology. How do we know? Can we trust the things we know? The roles of perception, language, reason and emotion effecting what we know and how we know. Know, know, know...
A maximum of 2000 word essay on a question (provided by the IBO) is to be completed by the second year of IB in order to gain one point out of the total of 45.

CAS: creativity, action and service
150 hours must be divided equally between creative, physical and service activities. Journal entries/logs must be made for each activity and outcomes must be achieved. Completing the CAS requirement gives one point out of the maximum of 45 possible points.
Some see this as a forceful way of going out into the community to learn about others and yourself. Others see this as a great opportunity to do schoolwork but having fun too.

IA: internal assessment
Assignments and pieces of work which contribute to the final subject grade. These are marked by the teacher who teaches you that subject. A random sample of selected students work (names chosen by the IBO) are then sent to the IBO for moderation (to ensure teachers are marking fairly).

A hideous requirement of IB English. It is a time-suck and requires the student to analyse literary devices and techniques and provide their own response to an excerpt or poem. Most students like to practise BS skills whilst completing a commentary.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Life is IB

In the IB and don't know about this site yet? Where have you been?
Click here.

Warning: procrastination begins at the click of the link.

Friday, September 10, 2010


The list of links are more useful for French ab initio and perhaps even French B SL students.

Languages Online a Victorian government sponsored site. German, Chinese, Indonesian and Italian also available.
French Language Exercises Quiz activities on indirect, direct, passe compose, imparfait, negatives, etc..
Quia French All sorts of quiz type activities. The link I've listed is the search page.
Beginners French Listening Exercises page with links for improving listening and comprehension skills.
Cool French Want to start an argument? Want to say colloquial expressions? A fun interactive site for all levels of French (and to use on others)
BBC French A site by the BBC containing a wealth of learning exercises, videos, fun activities and audio for those who are learning or already know French. Suitable for all levels.
TV5 Monde Apprendre le Francais A French television channel's educational site, with activities in French for those learning the language. Suitable for SL students. Ab initio students advised to use site with a teacher's help (there are no English prompts or guides on the site).
Intense Cogitation French SL/HL notes on grammar and assessments in French (oral and written expression).