Tuesday, July 6, 2010

IB Chemistry

Practice Chemistry Tests multiple choice questions, excellent for test prep
Ms. Wiseman's IB Chemistry links to topics which have more links to notes and quizzes
Dr. Vernon (Skyline HS) Chemistry links to classwork and homework questions and notes (note: things here are very specific to what Dr. Vernon has taught in their class. Links may or may not help).
Data booklet MS Word document, useful for general chemistry work
IB Chemistry Wikibook summaries and notes on each topic and option in the syllabus
IB Chem a site for SL and HL Chemistry with syllabus, practical/lab design notes, chemistry EE and Group IV project help.
Intense Cogitation revision notes and practicals


Vanessa said...

Thanks for the links, I will check them when I have some time :P I'm also doing IB and I take Chemistry HL , this means, a lot of work for the summer...but, I'm going for it :D

PS: I just finished my first year and I really really regret to have taken Chemistry instead of History...So, I have a question, Is History a lot easier than Chem? :P

Vanessa said...


Another Chemistry link IB fellow :) it might help you and others who read this blog

ibstudent said...

Hi Vanessa :)

Thanks for the link. I've been on that site, and it IS awesome.

As for your question, I can't say much because I'm only halfway through my first year. But so far, History is much easier than Chem. It just might be because of my teacher, but we've done only three tests and one exam. But for Chem, we've done four/five tests, practicals, an exam and assignments. I think that Chem requires the student to have more of an active role (i.e: practicals) than History (just an IA) so it actually kinda is more work. Hope I made sense XD. I'm doing 20th century btw :)

Vanessa said...

Thanks a lot :) and good luck with all the IB things...very nice blog :D

ibstudent said...

Thanks, and good luck to you too! :)

Anonymous said...

I just finished my first year of IB as Diploma and I've decided to u think transfer to Certificate, do you think it's a mistake?

Anonymous said...


Great website! However I am not being able to open the links Practice Chemistry Tests and IB Chem.

ibstudent said...

Hi Anonymous :)

Thanks for visitng. The links work for me so I'm not really sure what to do :S Maybe go to the sites main page and find your way to the link from there...?

Abnout your question:
Well, in Australia, we can't really claim credit for any Uni subjects by doing IB. But I have a vague idea that in the US (not sure about other countries) you can do an IB subject and claim a certificate, thus claim credit. I don't think it's a 'mistake' as you're saying. Each person to their own requirements. If you only need one or two IB subjects to get credit, then obviously the diploma is unnecessary. But I think if you're doing more than three or four IB subjects, do the diploma so your hard work can be paid off. The last two years of high school are tough, no matter what the curriculum is. But with a little extra work (i.e. the IB's EE and CAS requirements) you can get into a better college/Uni.

Good luck :)