Friday, September 10, 2010


The list of links are more useful for French ab initio and perhaps even French B SL students.

Languages Online a Victorian government sponsored site. German, Chinese, Indonesian and Italian also available.
French Language Exercises Quiz activities on indirect, direct, passe compose, imparfait, negatives, etc..
Quia French All sorts of quiz type activities. The link I've listed is the search page.
Beginners French Listening Exercises page with links for improving listening and comprehension skills.
Cool French Want to start an argument? Want to say colloquial expressions? A fun interactive site for all levels of French (and to use on others)
BBC French A site by the BBC containing a wealth of learning exercises, videos, fun activities and audio for those who are learning or already know French. Suitable for all levels.
TV5 Monde Apprendre le Francais A French television channel's educational site, with activities in French for those learning the language. Suitable for SL students. Ab initio students advised to use site with a teacher's help (there are no English prompts or guides on the site).
Intense Cogitation French SL/HL notes on grammar and assessments in French (oral and written expression).


Brian said...

I found Intense Cogitation's IB notes at to be very helpful.

ibstudent said...

Thanks! I've been on the site before but there weren't many notes. The site's changed quite a lot in a few months.
I'll add the links to subject posts :)