Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CAS: Creation, Activity and Service

Text: It feels lighter today... Did I forget something?

CAS holds a great deal of importance in the IB Diploma. It is necessary for obtaining the diploma, and can turn 'IBers' into selfsih souls who'd do an activity "just to get the CAS points." However, since we are forced to do CAS, we are pushed out of our comfort zones. We might learn a new skill (which can be used on a resume), get healthier, make new friends and just on a whole... be a much more 'globally minded' (yes, a favourite of the IBO). I know this sounds really cheesy, but so far I guess it's kinda working for me.

Anyhoo, if you're short of ideas, here are some.


  • Inquire about art workshops in your council/shire/local area or a community centre (in Australia it's usually a Neighbourhood house).
  • Take a few art classes (yeah, there's a good chance money is involved)
  • Create a 'history of the school' book.
  • Organise an activity (the planning/design process is counted as creativity)
  • Join a bookclub (the activities you do there are usually counted as creativity.
  • Write a story(or use one wirtten already, shhhh) enter it in a competiton (give your CAS supervisor the competiton's deets)


  • Participate in school sports competitons (inter/intra school sports).
  • Get a gym membership (don't forget to take photos of your sweaty self)
  • If going to a gym isn't an option, inquire about yoga/pilates/walking groups at your community centre.


  • Organise an activity at school. Or even outside of school if you want to get really picky. It could be a bookclub/artclub (+creativity), ex/incursion, an afterschool event for your class or year level.
  • Contribute in school publications (+creativity)
  • Represent your school at forums or meetings (let the teachers who usually organise these kinds of activities you're eager and interested).
  • Fundraiser
  • Volunteering at an event, such as ushering at a lecture, festival or even at a community theatre.

Long-term Project

This should continue over a genereally three month period and has to cover two CAS disciplines (i.e Service and Action). You must be part of a team, however the people don't need to be IB students nor anyones from school. It also has to tick off the eight outcomes.

  • Organise an initiative, such as encouraging recycling/composting at school.
  • Organise a sports tournament.
  • Organise a community project (planting trees, vegetable patch, clay/mosiac workshop)
  • Start a new publication (a newsletter targeted for Cooking Mama's/Gamers/Bookworms/etc...).

The word 'organise' is the key word here. It's all about getting the motivation to do something.


  1. Remember to always be on the lookout for activities for CAS. Be proactive.

  2. The best strategy is to complete CAS by the end of your first year.

  3. During your vacations, go out and do some CAS. It's even better with friends because you're motivated (and get to have some fun together).

  4. School is the best place to start looking for activities. Walking to the destination where the activity would be is the only transport involved. Afterschool activites are great, especally if you're supervising/leading (Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, art/science club, 'Let's Get Fit and Activated' Health Awareness and Encouragement Circle' -made it up, sounds realistic enough, hmmmm).

EDIT: here is an example of a CAS diary with CAS activities (inspiration perhaps?)


Ally said...

Hey I see you're an IB student............. . .

I'm an IB student too from Texas so i'm pretty excited to see someone like me blogging about this diploma programme.

cool blog :)

ibstudent said...

Thanks Ally I'm glad my efforts are appreciated! :)

Juan Felipe Díaz said...

Hey nice blog! Great job! I would like to contribute by giving you my own CAS Diary Blog so that you can maybe include it here somewere in the CAS section. It can help anyone looking for example diary entries or such! Anyways, here's the link:

Juan Felipe

ibstudent said...

Hi Juan :)
Thanks! Your CAS diary is pretty impressive and detailed as well. I'll link it to this post.

Cameron Wall said...

Great Blog! I am a english student deciding whether or not to do the IB. Also, thanks Juan, I haven't checked it out yet, but thanks for letting people recycle your CAS Ideas. I will bookmark it in case I need it next year! and take a look at it now of course!

Anyways,, thanks again IB Blogger, your ideas are much appreciated and this is a very well written blog. Thanks,,


Anonymous said...

Hey I am an IB student creating a CAS hours page to help people get creativity hours at my school and thought that was a cool pic. Mind if I use it?

Rami Maniktala

ibstudent said...

Cameron: Thank you! :)

Rami: sure, go ahead. :) It's just a picture I found on Google Images.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog. I'm going to start the IB diploma this fall... And I have some questions.
Ok, so I read online that CAS hours are like 3-4 hours a week.. Is that just a suggestion? Can I do more one week and less another? I mean, what if you go on vacation in the summer? Oh, and do CAS hours count in the summer between junior and senior year?? I'm freaking out cause my family was planning to go to India next summer to visit family..
Also, I found a CAS proposal form on my school's website?! What gives, does that mean if I end up going to India in the summer, I can't do CAS (since it requires a signature from the person in charge)?
Thanks a lot! I hope somebody reads my message and replies!!! I need help!! Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

I'm an IB student in Florida, and I was somewhat nervous about beginning CAS because you have to leave your comfort zone, but your suggestions were helpful!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela,

Have you completed your first year of I.B. Diploma? What CAS project you have selected? I am in Australia and joining IB in Feb 2013. - Nehal

Katia said...

Hi :)
im from Guatemala and I really like your blog, it really helped me. :D
Im a IB student too and is really hard because all the things that you have to do.

thaks :*

Anonymous said...

God bless your soul! you actually helped

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows "mother of the easiest" CAS activity .! which is very simple but High Scoring,!